Fashion Look With False Eyelashes

False eyelashes or “falsies” are one of the beauty tricks you can do to easily upgrade any look you have in mind. Whether you are aiming for an enhanced everyday look or a concert-ready appearance, falsies are the best option for making your eye pop even without putting too much makeup on.

What are falsies?

First things first, false eyelashes are artificial lashes that you apply on the line of your eyelids to make your lashes look fuller, darker, and thicker. They are usually made from synthetic hair, mink, or horse hair.

There are three types of falsies and they vary depending on what kind of appearance you want to have. The first one is called individual lashes which are short strips of fake lashes. This is perfect if you want to enhance a part of your lashes without making it too heavy for your whole eyelid. It also creates a more natural look.

The second type is the half lashes. Half-lashes only cover half of your eyelid length and they is used to achieve a winged-eye style. It’s applied on the outermost edge of the eyelid to make this part longer and more curled.

The last type is the strip lashes which covers the whole eyelid. Compared to the other two types, this is heavier because there are more hair and more glue needed to stick it on the line of your eyelids.


How do you apply falsies?

The right way to apply falsies is to first know the size and shape of your eyes. Different styles fit specific eye shapes and knowing which ones suit you will help make your look more natural.

The next thing you want to do is to measure the length of your eyelid so you can trim the length of the falsies. No, you won’t be trimming the hair itself. You will just cut the edges until they fit your eyelid perfectly. It is a lot easier to count the length using the lashes. Tip: If you need to trim it, start from the outermost edge and cut from the vein (the side where you apply adhesive) so that you don’t cut the other lashes in the process.

Once your falsies are trimmed to fit, you can now apply it using adhesive. For a stronger stick to your eyelids, apply a few dots of adhesive on your eyelids themselves. Remember to not stick the lashes immediately after applying adhesive. Dry it for a few seconds so it doesn’t spread in your eye.


When to Wear False Eyelashes

There are many occasions when you can wear false eyelashes. Here are just some of them:


  1. Your Everyday Look

Just because you’re staying at home or you’re going to work doesn’t mean you can’t have perfectly curled lashes. False eyelashes, especially individual lashes, can give you a more enhanced look without overdoing it. This is perfect for everyday occasions where you’ll be meeting clients, friends, and relatives. You can even pair with your lingerie because it doesn’t look over-the-top. Because it’s so convenient and natural to look at, some people even forget that they are wearing falsies.


  1. Your Wedding/Birthday Look

When it’s a special occasion or a once-in-a-lifetime event, you want to look your best. The only way you can do that is by adding full falsies on your eyelids to make your eyes look bigger and wider. It can also lessen the amount of mascara you’ll use because falsies are already curled. Putting them on reduces the amount of makeup you have to put on your eyes and it doesn’t leave black traces of mascara when you start tearing up.


  1. Your Party Look

It’s not just your outfit that will make you a crowd favorite. It can also be your eyes. Imagine going to a party and meeting strangers. The impact you can have when your eyelashes are full and perfect will add to the appeal that you give off. Don’t worry, if you applied the right amount of adhesive, it will not fall off when you start dancing.

Although at first, falsies can be intimidating to wear because they can be heavy, repeated use of it will make you forget that they are there in the first place. If you haven’t tried it, you can purchase one for your next life event.